Dissemination of the Croatian-Chinese project

As part of the 26th International Conference of Printing, Design and Graphic Communications (PDC 22) Blaž Baromić, a special chapter was held dedicated to the dissemination of the Croatian-Chinese project “AR information Service in Museum based on 4G/5G”. It is an international scientific research project Research and Application Demonstration on Key Technologies of AR Information Service in Museum Based on 4G/5G. in which the Croatian and Chinese academic and scientific communities participate. It is about cooperation on the research and development program, an intergovernmental cooperation project in the field of scientific and technological innovation. The holder of the project from the Croatian side is the University of Zagreb Faculty of Graphic Arts in Zagreb, under the leadership of prof. Klaudio Papa, and on the Chinese side it is the Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications. Along with the Faculty of Graphics in Zagreb, the Croatian company CITUS d.o.o. is involved in the project.

Members of the Croatian team Trpimir Jeronim Ježić, Ivana Pavlović, Brigita Prole, and Tomislav Bronzin presented the achievements of the project, research results, the current status of the project and demonstrated the created solution based on VR/AR/MR technologies with key functionalities, which is intended to create a new user experience in the museum.

As part of the project, students and faculty employees have access to a special version of the IT solution intended for equipping printed materials (books, manuals) and photos with multimedia content using AR/MR technologies.