AR museum Project

Research and Application Demonstration on Key Technologies of AR Information Service in Museum Based on 4G/5G

A large-scale scientific research project within the framework of joint Croatian-Chinese funding of research projects

Project leader

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Graphic Arts
Chief researcher / project leader: prof. Ph.D.Klaudio Pap 

Chinese partner

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Chief researcher of the Chinese partner: prof. Ph.D. Anlong Ming

About the PROJECT

What is AR Museum?

AR Museum is an application that will present a innovative platform for the enrichment of the audiences’ experience and the appreciation of the museum’s cultural relics.

It is based on the key technologies of AR, recognition function based on cloud and the AR position precise superposition technology at mobile end, which can realize the fast recognition and tracking of three-dimensional objects at mobile end, as well as the precise location-based superposition of the real image and virtual digital content of three-dimensional objects.

The Chinese-Croatian cooperation research teams

About us

We are Chinese-Croatian cooperation research teams building an interactive experience information service between the museum audience and the exhibits.

Through the development and field tests, conferences and expert exchange programs, we are developing hardware and software technologies for a “people-centered” information transmission system architecture of dedicated terminal and digital content.

Description of the AR Museum Joint Project

Research topics

Architecture of Visualization Platform System

The platform will fuse and superimpose the historical stories behind the cultural relics exhibits and the images of the actual exhibits, and construct the information transmission mode combining the special terminal and digital content

The production of digital content

Focusing on the background stories of cultural relics exhibits, the platform produces visual images by precise overlay, perfectly integrating the relationship between real cultural relics and virtual overlays.

Design and Development of Mobile Terminal Equipment

The terminal equipment is equipped with customized operating system, built-in wireless communication module, wireless positioning module and "universal recognition" image recognition module, which can detect cultural relics and characters in complex scenes.

Wireless Broadband 4G/5G Environment

With the combination of wireless location and wireless communication system, users can understand the story behind the cultural relics through the integration of virtual and real visual effects at any time during the visit process.

Expected scientific contribution of the project

Scientific contribution

ARmuseum illustration
Expected social contribution of the project

Social contribution