The Chinese-Croatian cooperation research teams

About us

We are Chinese-Croatian cooperation research teams building an interactive experience information service between the museum audience and the exhibits.

Project leader

University of Zagreb Faculty of Graphic Arts

Chief researcher / project leader: prof. Ph.D.Klaudio Pap 

The Faculty of Graphic Arts of the University of Zagreb is a public institution of higher education which organizes and conducts study courses and is engaged in scientific and expert work in the area of engineering sciences, field of graphic engineering. 

The Faculty is a constituent unit of the University of Zagreb, which, under the provisions of the Science and Higher Education Act and the Statute of the University, is the bearer of founding rights over the Faculty.

Chinese Partner

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Chief researcher of the Chinese partner: prof. Ph.D. Anlong Ming

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), founded in 1955, is a university directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education (MoE) and co-built by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology(MIIT).

BUPT is one of the first “Project 211” universities. BUPT has also joined the “Project 985 Innovation Platform for Superior Discipline”.

BUPT is a comprehensive university with information technology as its main feature, engineering and science as its main focus and a combination of engineering, management, humanities and sciences as its main pursuit, which becomes an important base for fostering high-tech talents.

Project partner

Citus d.o.o.

Research partner/ project manager: Tomislav Bronzin M.Eng.El., founder and CEO of CITUS, innovator, visionary, mentor, trusted advisor

CITUS was established in 1999 and from its inception until today, it operates worldwide, and its development is based on its own innovations. CITUS solutions are innovative and built on the latest technologies.

CITUS is a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner with a large number of competencies specialized in consulting, the architecture of IT systems, and the development and implementation of mobile and cloud IT solutions.

Over the years, around the world, they have won more than 90 international awards for innovation in ICT (USA, UK, Canada, Russia, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Poland, Romania, Cyprus, Macao, Croatia, etc.) which they have turned into successful products such as BookMedia, Conference@Net, C@N Motion, C@N e-Motion, BodyMeasures, PersonRecog.

CITUS bases its work on its own five patents in the field of ICT.

Project partner

National Museum of Modern Art

The paintings used in the project are from the museum’s collection.

The National Museum of Modern Art / NMMA is a museum of fine arts that surveys the development of traditional art disciplines from the mid-19th century to the present day.

The founder of the NMMA is the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.

In 1899, the idea of ​​such a museum was conceived by the painter, art historian and politician Izidor Kršnjavi who proposed to the Zagreb Art Society the establishment of a Municipal Gallery of Modern Paintings that would collect artworks by Croatian artists. It was officially founded in 1905, when the Society commissioned the first three works by then contemporary artists. Thus, the gallery started operating as a department of the Art Society focused on patronizing contemporary national art and facilitating the development of artistic production.

The National Museum of Modern Art, with a collection of 12,000 works of art, is a direct successor of the Art Society Gallery.