Expected scientific contribution of the project

Scientific contribution

Scientific contribution of the joint project “Research and Application Demonstration on Key Technologies of AR Information Service in Museum Based on 4G/5G”


Building the system architecture of visual explanation platform

Through the construction of visual explanation platform, build an interactive experience space between the audience and the relics. Construct a “people-centered” information transmission system architecture of dedicated terminal + digital content.

The system can identify and locate pre-set cultural relics exhibits based on image and other sensor information and realize the integration of cultural relics and visual effects, such as graphics and text, through target location and camera motion tracking, to achieve interactive experience effect of augmented reality and display exhibit culture.


Complicated scene understanding

Through the special handheld terminal equipment, the exhibits of cultural relics in different complex scenes are scanned, and the contents are integrated into the handheld terminal equipment to get a deeper understanding of the information of the current exhibits.

For different complex scenes, cultural relics can be accurately identified, and effectively matched with the virtual information in the database and superimposed on the physical world image.

By using the depth optimization algorithm based on machine learning and the camera technology based on machine learning classification and recognition algorithm, the fusion of augmented reality overlay display and real scene is ensured.


Real-time communication and virtual-real interaction

Through dedicated handheld terminals and integrated wireless communication module, scanning different exhibits of cultural relics, virtual content and actual cultural relics are superimposed and integrated into handheld terminal devices, showing a new visual effect of real-time fusion virtual and actual reality.

The mobile terminal equipment can scan and recognize all or part of the exhibits and realize seamless fusion and superposition of the entity scene and the virtual image of mobile terminal on the handheld terminal. At the same time, the content can be updated in real time by using the 4G/5G communication technology.